Nissin Instant Cup Noodles - Korean Army Stew

0.076 kg

Description: Special smoky flavoured oil with perfect balance of Chilli Spiciness & Umami with Kimchi garnish

Net Weight: 76g

Ingredients: Wheat flour, palm oil (antioxidants [307b, 304]), tapioca starch, vegetables (kimchi, cabbage, spring onion), sugar, salt, chicken dice, egg, hydrolysed plant protein (soya), spices (garlic, chilli, pepper, onion, paprika oleoresin), flavour enhancers (621, 635), seasoning oil (palm oil, imitation meat flavour, paprika oleoresin, antioxidant [307c]), soya sauce (soya, wheat), flavouring powder (chicken, cuttlefish, clam), thickener (412), fermented soya bean powder (soya, wheat flour, rice flour), yeast extract, chicken extract (chicken, chicken flavouring), acidity regulators (501, 452, 500, 330, 339, 451, 450, 331, 270, 300), colours (160a, 150c), anticaking agent (551), stabilisers (420, 965, 1400), leavening agent (503), emulsifiers (472e, 1450).

Allergen: Contains wheat, egg, fish, soya