Nissin Instant Cup Noodles - Spicy Seafood

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Description: Seafood broth which gives you spicy & distinct seafood aroma and taste

Net Weight: 75g

Ingredients: Wheat flour, palm oil (antioxidants [307b, 304]), tapioca starch, dehydrated vegetables (cabbage, spring onion), flavouring powder (chicken, cuttlefish, seafood, fish, clam), dehydrated egg, salt, flavour enhancers (621, 635), creamer (glucose, palm fat, sodium caseinate), dehydrated cuttlefish, glucose, dehydrated fishcake, spices (chilli flakes, garlic, pepper, ginger), hydrolysed protein (soya, fish), soya sauce (soya, wheat), thickener (412), yeast extract, chicken extract (chicken, chicken flavouring), acidity regulators (501, 452, 500, 330, 339, 451, 450, 331, 262, 270, 300), stabilisers (1400, 420, 340), colours (160c, 150c, 160a, 120), anticaking agent (551), emulsifier (471).

Allergen: Contains wheat, egg, fish, soya, milk